Linedancers have already tried to rock the world with performances worthy to win The World Guiness Record for many times. Charlotte Skeeters organized a very large (estimates range from 8,000 to over 10,000 dancers) dance event in Laughlin, Nevada in the early 1990's. This event was not submitted for recognition by Guinness World Records and did not have the necessary monitors to verify the attempt. This in no way negates the obvious size of the event. The dance used was "Jungle Jam" choreographed by Charlotte Skeeters.

" Cowgirls Twist " was performed by more than 3700 dancers on July 4, 1996 in Redwood City, CA that won the 1996 Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Line Dance."

Line Dancing World Records were set in 6 consecutive years (!) in the small but dynamic town of Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia. There, for the past few decades, they have held the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Starting in 1997, in conjunction with the music festival, organizers arranged for the "Longest Line" event -- the town closes it main street for 8 blocks or more, line dancers gather together on the morning of the last day of the festival (Sunday), and the participants try to set the world record: they do a quick lesson of " Boot Scootin' Boogie" choreographed by Bill Bader. This attracts a large percentage of the 10,000-30,000 people who attend the annual festival. The amazing Aussies broke their own world record year after year. Here are the numbers of dancers who participated in the "Longest Line":
     1997     5,502
     1998     5,882
     1999     5,966
     2000     6,275
     2001     6,698
     2002     6,744

The line dancers of Singapore and some from neighbouring Malaysia showed up en forceon May 1, 2002 at the huge Expo Center in Singapore.   It was an awesome sight. Imagine 6 or maybe 8 football fields worth of dancers quite closely packed. There were sections with school kids who learned to line dance in their P.E. classes.  And many seniors were present. The line dance chosen for this attempt, " Singapore Swing", was choreographed by Bill Bader. Guinness World Records recognized this attempt as the official "World's Largest Country Line Dance" with 11,967 line dancers. Whatever the official numbers were - versus what the ticket numbers told - it was certainly a hugely successful charity fund-raiser.

A gathering of 12,168 line dancers took place at the Happy Valley Recreation Ground, Hong Kong on 29 December 2002. Oddly, Guinness fails to mention the line dance used, but according to the dancers it was "Baby Likes To Rock It" by Hillbilly Rick. They danced it for 7 min 40 sec. Congratulations to Hong Kong's line dancers for setting one of the recent records!

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